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Darkened chain

Darkened Chain is a horror game where you must explore your surroundings to find clues about what happened to you.
It all started as a normal day. But, an accident will lead you to a misterious house, and in order to survive, you will have to find a way out. But remember: it won' be easy.
Explore and solve dark memories from a family tragedy.
Download links: Game and English translation

The Forgotten Islands

Welcome to "The Forgotten Islands", an online rpg.
Explore a world full of misterious adventures and formidable people.
Interact with your friends by aiding them either with support abilities and items.
Customise your character accordingly to your needs while testing different possible game combinations. Upon ability and stat assignment, you'll be able to play different character styles.
Are you ready to engage into a series of adventures, either by yourself or with your friends? Click the download link here.